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Hello there! Unfortunately I won't be going to the Climate March because I'm on the wrong coast for that! I'm sure it will be a blast!

Evolving Element Answer:

I hear you loud and clear say no more lol,  yeah NYC is really going all out. well alright take care….thanks! 


「iDROID」型のiphoneケース(5・5s 対応)に東京ゲームショウver.が登場!限定販売! 東京ゲームショウバージョンとして、オフホワイトを基調としたイベント/オンライン限定商品です。 #千値練 #MGS

Not only does this Metal Gear Solid Iphone case look more like a walking talkie from the year 2100, it’s 100% kick ass and probably wouldn’t fit in your pocket.  

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"However, it’s not a perfect solution - there is plenty of controversy surrounding the burning of garbage. Critics are concerned that the process is counteracting any positive affects by sending more toxins into the atmosphere. The WTE process produces filter ash and flue gas, both byproducts that contain dioxins, and environmental pollutant.

But Sweden has heavily regulated their WTE plants to reduce emissions and according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the introduction of flue-glad cleaning has reduced airborne dioxins produced to “very small amounts”.

There are still some objects, however, that can’t be incinerated safely - any goods that contain porcelain, insulation, asbestos, tiles and other construction debris have to be dumped into landfill.

And although it’s a good solution, an even better one is to reduce waste altogether. “The world needs to produce less waste,” Skoglund told the Huffington Post.”

Sweden waste energy recovery garbage green landfills reusable energy

Let Them Go


"Let Them Go"

Let them go.
Fly away.
To all the people 
Who threw you away.

Let them go.
Let them leave.
To all the people who
Who gave you nothing to believe.

Let them go.
Forever gone.
To all the people 
Who caused you such harm.

Let them go.
Cast aside.
All the people
Who left you to die.

Let them go.
Open eyes.
For you have many
Good things inside.

Hello Everyone! So I’ve planned on attending the peaceful Climate March

being held this Sunday, here in New York City. Excited to say the least !!

If your not crazy about supporting the Earth, air you breathe, water you drink or the countless calories you consume, what can I say… who am I to judge. 

Having said that, just keep in mind that we all depend on the Earth, no matter what country we reside in. Although a march isn’t going to completely solve civilization’s blind eye to our behavior, it’s a chance for people to express their concerns and help others reach a deeper level of consciousness. 

ATTENTION: If anyone in the NYC region is willing to sacrifice one Sunday, inbox me via Evolving Element. Looking forward to meeting you! ;) ;) ;) ;)

The 2014 Climate March… Side note, the planet isn’t going anywhere, however if we keep up our self harming behavior, well that’s pretty much it for us lol.  Take Care for those who just want a sustainable future….

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